Claas  LLC “Mirovaya Technika” — authorized dealer
Nikolay Spaskin
The chief engineer of the LTD “Zerno Belogorya”

We have ten combines, all from 2014. When we were establishing our farm, we decided to take CLAAS equipment. We visited some exhibitions and field trials. We like our equipment.

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Our machine operators are also satisfied with it. In the previous year we gathered in 11000 hectares of maize – all with the help of only four combines, so the average load of one was approximately 1500 hectares. Maize threshers operate approximately 6500 hours. CLAAS machines have one of the highest motor potential in the world. It takes 2-3 days for guys from service (“Mirovaya Technikа”) to remove all the breakages. Taking into account that the equipment is foreign, 2-3 days for repair is normal. Our machinery consists mainly of the CLAAS equipment as it has so many advantages. In the last year we bought four tractors XERION 3300.

Aleksandr Kovalenko
Farmer, the head of the farm “Sukmanovka”

The machine is multi-purpose, it can load simply everything. Moreover, it is used not only for loading, but also as the telescopic crane.

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Currently it is transporting hay rolls, loading crops, participating in earthworks – working with absolutely everything what you can see here. It operates at any time, no matter what the weather is like. Rain, snow, slush – nothing can’t prevent it from working. SCORPION is the third farmer’s hand. It has paid for itself for one and a half year at the 2800 hectare farm. And now it brings net profit.